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DJ Stannerz

My love for salsa started in 1996.  I was previously heavily involved in the soul/jazz funk/rare groove dance scenes, from the late 70s to early 90s.  I’ve always been into dance, albeit dancing as an individual, but the transition into partner dancing on the salsa scene came fairly easily.  On the soul/jazz funk/rare groove dance scenes you weren’t so much taught moves but there were always new dance moves emerging and you just watched and tried to copy as best you could.  So I was always learning.Being involved in the jazz and jazz funk scene exposed me to Brazilian samba and bossa nova music, which I loved, so it was a small step to the Latin music of salsa. I fell into teaching by accident.  I’ve always had a way of putting things across, and one day I was asked to teach.  Later, my love and knowledge of soul/Latin music genres eventually led to me being asked to DJ.  These days, on the Party Nights, I do not have time to teach, but I do have some great teachers.

What I do, is DJ.  This is one of my main loves. 

Watching people dance to the music that I like, and hopefully they also like, mixing the old with the new, is the best feeling for me.

 On these nights I try to ensure the music is ‘on point’ and place great importance on getting it right because this is a night of social dancing.

The music I play is the destiny I desire.”



Meet Clay, a highly experienced Salsa and Bachata teacher with over 27 years of experience in the Latin dance scene. Clay has a love for Latin dance and music.


Clay has dedicated his life to Salsa and Bachata, and his passion shines through in everything he

does. As a teacher, he has a natural talent for making his students feel

comfortable and confident on the dance floor. He breaks down complex moves into

simple, easy-to-follow steps, helping dancers of all levels achieve their goals.

With his extensiveknowledge of Latin music and his ability to read a crowd, Clay is also an

exceptional DJ. He has a deep understanding of what makes a great party and

knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for dancers to let loose and have fun.

Clay’s years of experience and dedication to Salsa and Bachata have made him a respected figure in the dance community.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, Clay is the perfect teacher and DJ to help you

take your skills to the next level. With his infectious energy and passion for the dance,

you're sure to have a great time learning from one of the best inthe business


Dance On

Born in Bulgaria ,Gergana is very very passionate Teacher.She have seen magical transformations into people's life through dancing.
Teaching since 1993, in 1997 first appears in the national tv. 
Background : Ballet(Golden medal 1987), Jazz ballet(Guest in tv show "Hit Minus 1" as duo “Grenada”Stsrted 1993 with Reggaeton, Folklore dancing and contemporary.
Kizomba- Kizomba is Connection.
First lessons with Kwenda Lima 2009. She still believes back then teaching Kizomba was crazy.
Teaching in UK started in 2012 ,
Leading teacher for Noches Latinas and Dance2Kizomba Team , Dance2Bachata under Dance2Infinity - 2016-2018 
Today she is part of own brand Edson & Gery collaborated with Kizomba Vibes and Kizomba Fervura Maidenhead ft London Harrow on the Hill Company Teaching Kizomba and Semba, working with top Cobanero in UK Carlton Thomas from Cuban Vibes UK, Abes Cise organiser of WALF festival Weston-super-Mare.
Salsa - Salsa has transformed her life.Everything started when she met Melissa Fernandez , and brothers Vazquez for the first time!
 Started Teaching in 2005 L.A style (also called Cross body), Worked really closely with The Cuban Champion Yannek Revillya and Teaching Cuban and Casino , after creating her own brand DANCE CENTRE EMOCIÓN 
Performed on stage and taught numerous times in Balkan Salsa festival, Fanta Salsa Festival, Spirit of Burgas and World Salsa Stars until present.
Winner of Salsa Devision competition in 2007- III place PLOVDIV .
Bachata - Bachata gives her freedom.
Started dancing Bachata in 2005.Teaching since 2007 inspired by Toni Lara also Jorjet&Troy.Performing and teaching at international SBK congresses, Favourite styles of teaching Dominican Bachata & Bachata Moderna .
Argentine Tango-She was already teaching other dance styles when first met the
Argentinian Maestro Luis Mendez who taught her The Tango in 2009. Having completed his course She started Teaching Argentine Tango 
(Bulgaria 2011).
UK- 2014 in Berkshire, she taught Adult courses.
Belly dancing - Her passion.
Her actual bellydance name is Gergana Arabia .
Performing since 2000.Her Professional career started in 2003 Inspired by Jillina .
Multiple times Belly dance Champion, Teaching Master Class since 2007.
In 2011 she meets Hossam Ramzy in London and he invited her to be part of his Dance Company.
Founder and owner of Kizomba Fervura Maidenhead, 2024 June will celebrate 1 year from the club opening. This is place where you can learn authentic Kizomba style, socialise, find new friends, upgrade your current Kizomba skills or even be part of Kizomba performance group!
Now Gery, is expanding her dancing and teaching career. With overseas regular invitations and perorming shows.


Cuban teacher Billy Williams

Advanced&Intermediates Teacher KK 
I have been a qualified UKA salsa instructor for 23 years. From a very early age, I studied and enjoyed many forms of dance: ballet, modern, tap, jazz, stage, 50s/60s rock n roll and all the dances associated with the ballroom. 

My passion for salsa was ignited at The Rocket in Holloway over 30 years ago. The London clubs of that time belted out lambada, samba reggae and the hottest salsa. We danced the nights and mornings away to a hot mix of music. 

Now, my favourite place to dance is The Funky Latino: it has the same friendly, inclusive vibe that I love with everyone out to have fun, socialise and dance to different beats. As one of their fully qualified ‘house’ instructors, I happily draw upon my years of experience on the dance floor and teaching expertise to inject fun into the classes. At the same time, my aims are to show you how to dance safely whilst adopting a coveted, authentic technique so you ‘feel good’ and ‘look great’!

One of my amazing Cuban mates taught me this saying: ‘Cuando nada es seguro, todo es posible,’ so come along to our club night, try bachata or kizombe, experience a different style of salsa, learn a new move in my class, dance with a different partner and simply enjoy yourself!


Beginners Teacher

Laura Robb

Laura started dancing when she was 5 but has been dancing salsa for coming up to 20 years, having originally been taught by her RE teachers brother whilst on a school trip to a monastery on the Isle of Wight (!), she hasn't stopped since. Whilst at University in Leeds, she enjoyed dancing 7 nights a week, and her passion for teaching beginners was born as she had the opportunity to teach for some wonderful teachers.

Now she has 2 boys and a very understanding husband, and she can be found teaching regularly with Salsa Calentita, The Funky Latino, The Salsa Bachata Social Club team and Konrad at The Salsa Den. 

Laura loves a class full of beginners who think they can't dance and seeing the smiles as they realise they have done it!


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