This concept was started by Becky and Fred, who I worked with for around 15 years. Although they were involved in Salsa, they had a background in Rock ‘n’ Roll and Jive and knew the importance of social dancing, for putting learnings into practice and becoming good all-round social dancers.

Other than the lessons we now put on, with this original format we had a very successful night from 2006-2013 at the British Legion in Loudwater, known as First Friday Salsa. This was a very successful night and we have carried this on at the Curzon ever since.


The Night

The night aims to give 4.5 hours of non-stop social dancing. The emphasis is on friendliness, being sociable and having fun. It’s also a place where you can bring friends. Even those who have not tried salsa before can feel comfortable and join in the lessons.

I have always said one hour’s lesson should mean 4 hours practice. Although we do have lessons, we are not a lesson-based club. We have the main room which runs continuously from 8.30pm-1.00am for social dancing and separate rooms for the lessons, at all levels, (beginners, improvers/intermediate, advanced) which run from 9-10pm. One of these rooms then becomes social dancing for Kizomba/Bachata for the remainder of the evening.